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Welcome to the VRF grant application portal

The VRF (Vicar’s Relief Fund) provides crisis grants to individuals at risk of, or currently experiencing, homelessness. Our grants are open to all 4 Nations of the UK and must be applied for via frontline workers. We consider up to £350 to prevent eviction, and up to £500 to help access accommodation.



We are now open for grant application submissions Monday-Friday 9am-12pm, excluding bank holidays.

Registering and applying for a grant:

We do not accept applications from individuals directly. If you are a paid frontline worker, supporting people at risk of, or currently experiencing homelessness, you can apply to us on behalf of the individuals you are supporting.

Before you can submit a grant application on behalf of someone you are supporting, you need to apply for a user account with us, via our flexi-grant portal.

To begin this, scroll down and click on the ‘register’ button at the bottom of this page. After verifying your email address, you will then need to complete a New User Registration form. You will not be able to begin a grant application until this has been submitted, checked, and approved by our team. We aim to process the forms within 5 working days. 

If you have already set up your email address and password, click the ‘login’ button at the bottom of the page to access your account.

For more information relating to our grants and how to register or apply for a grant, please visit our help page.