The Vicar’s Relief Fund (VRF)
Preventing and alleviating homelessness throughout the UK

The Vicar's Relief Fund (VRF) is a homelessness prevention fund. We offer a rapid response service by awarding small but essential grants to help alleviate housing difficulties for vulnerable people in their time of need. We aim to respond to all applications within five working days of them being submitted.


Who can apply?

We only accept applications from frontline workers working to alleviate and prevent homelessness. Most of our applications come from homeless charities, local authorities, charity-based housing associations, Citizen's Advice, and other statutory organisations like the National Probation Service. We do not accept applications from the general public.

How the VRF can help:

You can apply for a VRF grant on behalf of your client for the following things: 

Preventing eviction - Rent arrears, service charge arrears, Debt Relief Orders and bankruptcy fees or money to pay for a hoarding clean up.

Accessing accommodation - Rent deposits, rent in advance, admin fees, ID, or temporary accommodation costs.  

Setting up home - Household goods or moving costs. 


The maximum grant you can apply for is: 

£250 for household items

£90 for ID (this is a new grant category and is being piloted until the end of September 2017)

£100 for admin fees

£350 for anything else

£350 is the maximum we will issue to any one client within a 12 month period.


What is the maximum amount I can apply for?

The amount you can apply for is restricted depending on what it is you are applying for; however, we award grants up to a maximum of £350.00.

How can I apply?

In order to make an application, frontline workers and the organisation they represent must be registered with the Vicar’s Relief Fund. Volunteers cannot register. 

To begin the registration process, click the box on the bottom right of this page.

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We only accept applications from Frontline Workers employed by agencies.

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The Vicar's Relief Fund
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